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Since over 40 years Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l. has been producing axial pistons hydraulic motors with fixed and variable displacement, and by the course of the time, maturing its experience in this field, it always has increased its range of production, that up to now is composed by 3 families:

  • HF-HV (400 BAR 10-2000 RPM)
  • KF-KV (250 BAR 1-1000 RPM)
  • SF (150 BAR 10-500 RPM)
for a total of about 50 different models.

Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l. has besides since 10 years added to its product, a complete range of orbital motors: this new line is composed by about 700 different types and it is born to give good solutions, at very competitive prices, to those Customers having very high quality level requirements.

For two consequent editions of Fluidtrans Compomac, either in 2000 or in 2002 exhibitions, Oleodinanica GECO s.r.l. has awarded a prize as the best Designer and Producer of an Innovative Hydroservomotor on 2000, and for a Brake Clutching advanced system on 2002, this to testify the engagement and the energy that Oleodinamica GECO s.r.l. firmly employs in Research and Development sectors.

Relevant employment fields of our products:

  • Heavy Iron and Steel industry
  • Moulding Machines
  • Rubber Extrusion Machines
  • Industrial Mixers
  • Drilling Machines
  • Railway Machines
  • Cargo Winches
  • Road Machines
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Naval Transmissions
  • Mining Machines